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(Adjudicators Examination)





  1. Adjudicators' Examination will be held each year.
  2. Adjudicators’ Examination is open to candidates 30 years and over in the calendar year of the examination. (Jan. – Dec.) All applicants must apply to the panel of examiners for permission to start training to be an adjudicator when they fulfil the criteria listed below. All applicants are subject to approval by the panel in advance of training.
  3. Having completed adjudicator training, application is to be made in writing to the Secretary of C.R.N. examination Panel (mckennaclaire55@gmail.com) and to be received no later than 2 months before the examination together with a copy of their ODCRN results or its equivalent.
  4. All applicants must include a reference from a Trainer together with Birth certificate, a copy of their Attendance Record plus the fee of €400.00 for the examination.            
  5. All applicants must hold a full ODCRN qualification or its Equivalent plus 5 years teaching experience from the date they qualified.
  6. All Applicants must have achieved a 75% pass mark on both Sections of Module 3 (Part 2) in their ODCRN exam. (This applies to candidates who sat their ODCRN exam prior to 2011)
  7. All applicants must attend and complete a 2 Year Theory & Practical training course with a recognised ADCRN trainer.
  8. All Applicants must judge a minimum of 4 CRN class competitions as part of their training over the period of 2 years. This is to be organised by the applicant. Confirmation of this is to be given by the teacher concerned to the applicant for their trainer.
  9. All applicants must name 5 dancers they started and have since won their way through to Ard Grad (this must be done through the normal Feiseanna/Feile excluding the Regional and Irish Open Awards) whilst in their school of dancing
  10. All applicants must have 5 years experience of teaching Ardgrád dancers dancing in 3 adjudicator championships.
  11. All Applicants must be 5 years retired from competitive dancing (including teams) before commencing adjudicator training.

At present the Fees for ODCRN examinations are:

  • Fee for Ard Diploma is Euro €400.00
  • Fee for Repeat (Theory) Euro €120.00
  • Fee for Repeat (Practical)Euro €300.00



Adjudication: Written & Verbal

  • Solo Dancing:  All grades and dances as listed in O.D.C.R.N. Examination (Part 1 & 2) above
  • Céilí as listed in O.D.C.R.N. Examination (Part 1 & 2) above
  • Written Examination – Céilí & Solo: To determine the candidate’s knowledge of Rules and Traditions within the Solo and Céilí Dances

Ceoil (Music):

To determine the candidates knowledge of music

I.e. Musical mistakes as experienced by adjudicators


Oral Irish:

Not necessary for Non-Nationals or Candidates with Exemptions from Irish

  • General conversation
  • Oral address as given by an adjudicator at a Feis prope

Special Study – Written Thesis:

An in-depth study is required on one of the following – (A minimum of 5,000 words)

  • Irish Dance Costume
  • Traditional Set Dances
  • Irish Dancing in Education
  • Original Figure Dance – Composition (Video plus Written)
  • A stage Production in Irish Dance (Video plus Written)
  • The Dance Master
  • An in-depth Appreciation of Grading within our dance
  • The Preservation of our Culture and Tradition within the dance
  • Study of Céilí – Are we maintaining our Tradition or are we producing a Showpiece?
  • Music Appreciation - (In relation to Time Signatures, Rhythms, Tempos etc.)
  • Music Interpretation – (Video plus Written) –How the dance evolves and its relation to the music.
  • A Study of Irish Dance Injuries.
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