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Naughton Academy of Irish Dance

SchoolNaughton Academy of Irish Dance
TeacherLisa Naughton [naughtonacademy@gmail.com]

Bennett School of Irish Dancing

SchoolBennett School of Irish Dancing
TeachersCarol Bennett [carolbenwel@gmail.com]
Sandra Bennett [sandrafriery68@gmail.com]
Anita Bennett [anitakelly83@hotmail.com]

Carolan School of irish Dancing

SchoolCarolan School of irish Dancing
TeachersJennifer Carolan [jennyck12@gmail.com]
Yvonne Carolan [yvonnelowry@gmail.com]

McKenna School of Irish Dancing

SchoolMcKenna School of Irish Dancing
TeachersDebbie Carroll [carrolldebbie25@gmail.com]
Claire McKenna [mckennaclaire55@gmail.com]


TeachersSandra Daly
Pauline Daly

Downey Crowley School of Irish Dancing

SchoolDowney Crowley School of Irish Dancing
TeachersMarion Downey [downeycrowley@gmail.com]
Siobhán Crowley [downeycrowley@gmail.com]

Ní Anglais

SchoolNí Anglais
TeachersDeane Shannon [dshannon2010@live.ie]
Ann English [nianglais83@gmail.com]

Gaffney School of Irish Dancing

SchoolGaffney School of Irish Dancing
TeacherMary Gaffney [mary.gaffney9@gmail.com]

Shannon Academy of Irish Dance

SchoolShannon Academy of Irish Dance
TeachersUna Glynn [glynnuna@gmail.com]
Colette Glynn [shannonacademydance@gmail.com]

Kiernan School of Irish Dance

SchoolKiernan School of Irish Dance
TeacherMarian Kiernan [curlykiernan@gmail.com]

Kiernan School of Irish Dance

SchoolKiernan School of Irish Dance

Tara School of Irish Dancing

SchoolTara School of Irish Dancing
TeachersAileen Sutherland [aileen.sutherland2@mail.dcu.ie]
Catherine McCaffrey [cath.mccaffrey@hotmail.com]

Mc Cartin SD

SchoolMc Cartin SD
TeacherKarl McCartin [kmccartin@hotmail.com]

Moffatt school of Irish dancing

SchoolMoffatt school of Irish dancing
TeacherSheila Moffatt [sheilamoffatt72@gmail.com]

Scoil Rince Ní Alpín

SchoolScoil Rince Ní Alpín
TeachersCaroline Ní Alpin [carolinehalpingermaine@hotmail.com]
Amanda Germaine [amanda.germaine@icloud.com]


TeachersGavin Moloney [gavinm192@gmail.com]
Richella Ní Dhochartaigh [shellydohertycrn@gmail.com]
Carmel Doherty [carmeldoherty1@eircom.net]

Rothwell Woods Academy

SchoolRothwell Woods Academy
TeachersKim Woods [kim.woods3@mail.dcu.ie]
Tina Rothwell [tinarotwell1971@gmail.com]

Adams School of Irish Dance

SchoolAdams School of Irish Dance
TeacherLeanne Adams [lcumiskey@icloud.com]

Scoil Rince le Cheile

SchoolScoil Rince le Cheile

Coughlan School of Irish Dancing

SchoolCoughlan School of Irish Dancing
TeacherMaria Coughlan [mariacoughlan.crn@gmail.com]

Naomh fionnbarra

SchoolNaomh fionnbarra
TeachersEilis Davenport [edavenport38@gmail.com]
Lisa Doogan [lee.1982@hotmail.com]

Donnan School of Irish Dancing

SchoolDonnan School of Irish Dancing

Scoil Rince Aisling

SchoolScoil Rince Aisling
TeachersChloe Ormonde [chloe.ormonde@hotmail.com]
Cáit Doyle [caitdoyle1@hotmail.com]

Feeney School of dancing

SchoolFeeney School of dancing
TeacherSiobhán Feeney [feeneyrathviewhouse@eircom.net]

Finnerty School of Irish Dancing

SchoolFinnerty School of Irish Dancing
TeachersJaime Finnerty [jamie.finnerty@hotmail.com]
Breeda Finnerty [bjfinnerty@eircom.net]

Bergin Harvey Academy

SchoolBergin Harvey Academy
TeacherAndrea Harvey [berginharvey@gmail.com]

Kavanagh School of Irish Dancing

SchoolKavanagh School of Irish Dancing
TeacherNichola Kavanagh [nicholakav2002@yahoo.co.uk]

Kidd Irish Dancing School

SchoolKidd Irish Dancing School
TeacherNicola Kidd [nicola.c.kidd@gmail.com]

Wexford Academy

SchoolWexford Academy
TeachersCaitríona Leacy [tournore@yahoo.co.uk Leacy]
Kay Keeley [kay.keeley@gmail.com]
Sinead Fortune [sineadshort@hotmail.com]


TeachersLaura Sayers [lauraj.sayers@gmail.com]
Áine McGuigan [aine.mcguigan@ntlworld.com]

Scoil Rince Nolan Dunleavy

SchoolScoil Rince Nolan Dunleavy
TeachersLetita Dunleavy [letitiadunleavy@gmail.com]
Fidelma Nolan [fidnolan@gmail.com]

O'Neill School of Irish Dance

SchoolO'Neill School of Irish Dance
TeachersJoy O'Neill [joylon@gmail.com]
Alison O'Neill [oneill.aly@gmail.com]

Phelan School of Irish Dancing

SchoolPhelan School of Irish Dancing
TeacherClaire Phelan [clairephelan30@gmail.com]

Pollitt & Byrne

SchoolPollitt & Byrne
TeacherLorraine Pollitt [lpollitt@live.ie]

Searson Dunne School of Irish Dance

SchoolSearson Dunne School of Irish Dance
TeacherMiriam Dunne Searson [miriam@searsonaccountancy.com]

Scoil Rince Seavers

SchoolScoil Rince Seavers
TeacherSarah Seavers [seavers.sarah@gmail.com]

Scoil Rince Seavers

SchoolScoil Rince Seavers

Scoil Rince Curadh

SchoolScoil Rince Curadh
TeacherKerri Quinn [kez.quinn@live.com]

Scoil Rince Ulaid

SchoolScoil Rince Ulaid

Trinity Academy of Irish Dancing

SchoolTrinity Academy of Irish Dancing
TeachersSarah Somers
Stephen Walker


TeachersSam Davies [samdavies0204@gmail.com]
Bryan Coughlan [bryancoughlan@hotmail.com]
Elisa Billington [elisa.bill2@hotmail.com]
Jennifer Billington [jenniferbillington@rcsi.ie]

NÍ Aogain

SchoolNÍ Aogain
TeachersCiara Haide
Denise Egan

Celtic Academy

SchoolCeltic Academy
TeacherNicola Willis [nicolawillis1@hotmail.com]
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